Barrie Rose and June Wayne (1918 - 2011)

Rose Barrie and June Wayne (1918 - 2011), A World Premiere, Wayne - CUT 3 from MB Abram Galleries on Vimeo.

On June 24, MB Abram Galleries hosted singer/songwriter/performance artist Barrie Rose and director Matt Friedman in studio for the recording of Rose's new song "Breakthrough", presented here as a collaboration between Rose and select mixed-media works of June Wayne (1918-2011). 

This "duet" between Rose and Wayne was a natural, two fearless experimentalists speaking to renewal and change. In the words of Rose, Wayne may be gone, but "her art will live on and on". Also check out Rose's fantastic recent video "The Greatest Life", demonstrating that Rose's artistry, like Wayne's, will be around to inspire us for many years to come.